Goodbye Wordpress, Hello Jekyll

Blog of Music in Code I've had a WordPress blog for several years, added posts sparingly in those years and customized the different installations and plugins available for WordPress in order to get it looking just right. I also designed a few custom WP themes for clients and administered blogs and performed necessary updates for them. Everything about WordPress is great. It is perfect for writing, content management, and for organizations of any size that needs a publishing platform that includes publishing workflows, custom widgets, and permissions levels for users. WordPress is the best option available really for an easy to use CMS Read More ›

Better Comments in CONTENTdm

Blog of Music in Code CONTENTdm included comment functionality as part of the version 6 release last year, a desirable and useful feature that many users had requested. The problem, atleast for us, was that it was lacking in several key areas, mainly notifications. The only way to see if a comment was made was to log into the back end via the website configuration tool and check to see if there were any new comments. This makes it hard to manage comments and while we don’t want to necessarily police comments we need to know when they are made. Read More ›