The Magic of IFTTT

I’ve known of IFTTT (If This Then That) for a year or so, but have only just now begun to use it regularly. The idea behind the service is simple enough, connect services to each other and perform actions based on what you set in recipes. Services are referred to as channels in IFTTT and these can be connected in a myriad of ways and this have only become more powerful since the release of the iPhone app. As more and more channels are added to IFTTT, the potential for this service grows exponentially.

Some of the recipes I have started using are:

  • Add my iPhone screenshots to Dropbox
  • If new article saved for in Feedly, then save later for in Pocket
  • Add any new instagram photo to Dropbox automatically
  • Add iOS contacts to Google Drive Spreadsheet
  • Archive WordPress posts to Evernote